Iva is an artist we’ve had our eye on for about a year now. Her fourth album ‘LEAP’ – yet US debut – was just released last year, featuring her experiences by living overseas. A Swedish native where she released her first three albums, including one with Universal, we’re so lucky to hear her music for the US audience!


Describing herself a ‘crossover artist,’ Iva is a classically trained artist bringing her pure voice in to the commercial scene, combining opera and pop in an innovative way no artist has done before.


Iva’s album LEAP fully demonstrates her musical ability, as well as those who are working with her. With Grammy Award winning producer Tim Sonnefeld taking the lead on the album’s production, the album is not to be missed.


The album has a mixture of sounds – ‘Just Enough,’ also the first music video from the album, shows us the darker side of pop; a very emotive, ambient and tranquil song, contrast to ‘All That We Are,’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave,’ are more upbeat songs fitting in to the classic American pop sound, yet with a notable sophistication special to Iva, and a touch of folk you can’t help but love!


Check out the video for Just Enough HERE: