New Artist of the Week | Azusena


Azusena is a brand new artist on the scene. With only one single out so far, she has already created a huge hype around her new wave of dark soulful pop.


Her debut release ‘Crosby’ fully encompasses what Azusena wants to put out with her music. A huge fan of visual art, the cover art to the song itself is a painting done by the singer herself, making ‘Crosby’ 100% authentically Azusena. The song reflects the curious hypnotism that the painting conveys through its pro-longed drones and a multitude of frequencies.


Azusena is working producer Dan Carey, the mastermind behind Kate Tempest’s electronic tracks for many years, which in itself makes me excited for what is to come in her upcoming album to be released, to see the joining of two such creative artists and visionists.


The electronic pop fused with guitars and her smooth voice in ‘Crosby’ makes for an artistically brave and highly commendable sound, and other tracks not yet released but performed live, such as ‘Red Sky,’ make for a hugely anticipated album that we can’t wait to hear the details of. In the meanwhile, listen to Crosby HERE: