Featured Artist | Empathy Test, 'By My Side / Vampire Town'

Empathy Test just released their EP ‘By My Side’ today.


Lead single ‘By My Side’ released a couple of weeks before hand, is an anthemic electronic-pop track conveying emotions of desperation and gloom, but Empathy Test put a rather beautiful spin on these otherwise dark emotions. Chanting lyrics ‘Don’t you want to be by my side,’ these feelings are very relatable to each listener and somehow, ironically, lessen the sense of loneliness in the listener.


Though very emphatically electronic, their sound is more than just production, but where the voice is an instrument and the track is comparable to a soundscape, reflecting the kind of environment that the duo see themselves in, makes for a really artistic release.


It’s often very easy to ignore lyrics in electronic tracks and treat them as dance vibes, but the importance Empathy Test give to their lyrics as well as their music compositon is highly commendable. Second track ‘Vampire Town’ opens with ‘I need a break from this vampire town / It sucks my blood and leaves me to drown,”- very stark, real lyrics which instantly draw you in and want you to see where the song goes.


It’s exciting to see how emerging musicians are revolutionising current trends in music, taking a very wide-spread genre of electronic pop and making it their own.


Listen to the EP HERE: