NYFW Spring '17: Leanne Marshall

We turn to the world of Fashion momentarily as we hit Leanne Marshall’s runway show at New York Fashion Show Spring 2017, right here in Manhattan!


Leanne Marshall’s showcased collection on Sunday just breath-taking. The runway was adorned with bright colours of red popping out at you, amongst the more common softer colours of white, black, beige, and blue, ensuring your attention on the clothes from start to finish. Some clothes were block one colour, and others had intricate patterns – some even embroidered.


There was a perfect combination of designs with long, flowing evening gowns, as well as figure-highlighting dresses, gowns and two-piece outfits.


The models chosen were highly complimentary to the fashion, make-up making each gown stand out more.


It was great to see Leanne accompanied by one of her models to take a well deserved applause from the audience at the end, and see the mastermind behind the fashion at our first Fashion Week Runway show!


Check out some of the styles: