REVIEW: Laminate Pet Animal | Brudenell

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Leeds born and bred band Laminate Pet Animal hold their single launch at Brudnell Social Club’s brand new venue in the Community Room as they release ‘Solace.’


Laminate Pet Animal are an electronica trio merging live with synths and live production to give them an innovative sound not shared by any other band on the rising scene right now.


By the end of the set, the heavy pulsating bass lines and creative flashing lights that pieced the set together climaxed as the dance side of LPA came through, the set being a midway between a gig and a club.


Vocalist Charlotte Jones’ voice is used as an instrument in the band, layered with harmonies and FX, making the sound of her voice almost more vital than the lyrics themselves in places, completing their sound.  


However, what sets them apart from most electronica bands is the use of a live drum kit providing the beat, yet their homemade samples providing the basis of the accompanying melody, making their live performance all the more fascinating.


Laminate Pet Animal will be performing at Concentus Music Live on February 8th in Camden Assembly, London, so be sure to catch them there! And in the meanwhile, check out ‘Solace’ here!