REVIEW: Jade Bird, Omeara | SOLD OUT

Photo @shotbyfox

Photo @shotbyfox


Jade Bird is one of the fastest rising artists, selling out one of London’s most popular venues Omeara just less than a year since she began gigging to empty rooms, within months of getting her first deal with Glassnote Records, and within weeks of releasing her debut EP ‘Something American.’


Jade showcased her range of music abilities, getting on the guitar and piano during her set. She performed a range of songs from this debut EP, including ‘Cathedral,’ ‘What Am I Here For’ and title track ‘Something American,’ for which the venue was hauntingly quiet for. ‘Good Woman’ off the EP saw a special surprise from Mystery Jets’ Will Reese joining Jade on stage for a guitar duet!


Jade’s voice can switch from soft ountry girl to unmissable rock vocals from song to song, making her set versatile and exciting. But her warm, approachable and carefree personality is consistent, always shining through with her interaction with the audience and letting the audience connect to her live set without hesitation.


She performed to an audience who showed nothing but respect and admiration for Jade through her entire concert, and we can’t wait to continue following Jade and her journey! (Quite literally, she travels and tours all over the place, all the time, just look at her Instagram)…