EP REVIEW: Luke Carey 'Sketches'


Luke Carey’s debut EP reached number 7 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart on its first day of release for a multitude of reasons. ‘Sketches’, a collection of five songs, and first in what is to be a series of three EPs, brings forward a contemporary, upbeat style merging with the more classical, ambient, acoustic style, and a huge focus put on the vocals.


Each song on the EP has a different vibe to it, with different subject matters, with songs such as ‘You’ featuring elements from a catchy guitar riff to beat-boxing, to songs as soft as ‘Breathe For You’ which has haunting vocal harmonies throughout, or ‘Little One’- a one minute song which is showcasing mainly only his vocals. Yet despite these differences, all the songs are equally musically eloquent, and all five tracks having a consistent grace to them.


Luke Carey’s EP ‘Sketches’ has a different feel to his live set, which is comprised of heavy use of the loop pedal to create rhythms and vocal harmonies. Fresh from just finishing off a very successful run of gigs at the Fringe Festival, you can see Luke building these songs right in front of your eyes- one of the most magical parts of any loop pedal artist’s performance; particularly in the aforementioned ‘Breathe For You,’ where the vocal harmonies carry the song, as well as the more upbeat songs where the guitar almost doubles up as a drum. In this way, Luke successfully creates a large band sound with just his voice and guitar.


Luke’s diverse range of genres performed in one set, and in one EP, is demonstrated clearly live too through his reworking of cover songs, where he is able to perform classic folk tunes, unplugged, such as ‘Wayfaring Stranger,’ all the way to some pretty astonishing versions of ‘The Real Slim Shady’ for example, rapping so fast the whole audience can’t help but stop and stare in amazement. His live performances match the quality of his EP and almost surpass it due to the energetic yet peaceful persona on stage.


Luke will be headlining the Concentus Music Live Launch this weekend, with his trusty guitar, loop pedal, and delicate vocals, bringing you tunes from his EP and more. Come check him out, August 23rd, at The Islington, FREE ENTRY.


You can download the top 10 EP ‘Sketches’ here.