New Artist of the Week | EDITSELECT

EDITSELECT are a London based five piece indie-rock band. First seeing them at The Barfly all the way back in 2015, I’ve been following the band since and have seen them grow.


With a huge turnaround of line-up in the band last year, the quality of music only improves with each change. Frontman Matt Stolworthy has been leading the band since its formation in 2007, writing the band’s material.


Their latest EP ‘All My Gold’ was launched with a huge sold out night at The Borderline last year, only proving the band’s loyal following. ‘All My Gold’ shows off the band’s guitar heavy ambient rock sound.  An EP full of emotive melodies and lyrics, yet without losing it’s rocky edge, expresses a lo of pain and thought. My favourite off the three-track EP has to be ‘Sanctify,’ full of strong riffs carrying the song and a vocal top-line I just love.


The band are set to release another EP in 2017 so keeps your eyes and ears peeled! Check out the EP below: