EP Review: Shao Hao 'Er'

It’s rare to find a multilingual performer in London, and that’s why Shao Hao’s Mandarin – English fused music is one of the most interesting on the scene right now, combining the best of the West and East.


It’s really refreshing to hear this style of music, as there’s often such a segregation from nation to nation, and different cultures merging together is what art and music is all about.


Shao plays the guqin, a Chinese string instrument which is played horizontally, creating the most beautiful sound. Along with this he layers drumpads, guitar, and of course his own vocals.


One of his earlier compositions ‘Miss Jaigong’ is my favourite by far, the song most prominently mixing the two languages of Mandarin and English, not to mention the melody itself is beautiful, and really being able to hear the unique sound of the guqin here.


His latest EP ‘er’ was released last year, with an EP release in oriental Old Queen’s Head, and a performance at the Roundhouse’s ‘In The Round’ series. ‘Er’ is an EP I highly recommend if you want to have a pure insight into Eastern influences, song ‘Inside Out’ having both language versions. It’s great to see such creative risk taking in the emerging music scene!