REVEW: field trip @ Rough Trade NYC


Field Trip return to their home town of New York City to play a special night at world acclaimed record store Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn. I’ve attended many shows at the original Rough Trade back in London and can confirm what a milestone it was that the guys performed here.


We saw these guys perform at Mondo.NYC in Brooklyn’s Gateway back in September, and to see such a vast difference in their performance was amazing!


I’ve always said how cool I think this band is. The band doesn’t really have conventional compositions, which is one thing that makes them so interesting. They don’t even have a conventional stage performance – a lay out where the drummer is in the middle of the stage and the band stand in a row. This gave it a really nice vibe as it really showed how vital each member is to the band, and they truly all are a big part of it.


One of the many things setting them apart from others is the fact that the drummer also is the lead vocalist. Imagine the talent it must take to be able to co-ordinate so much and do it so well. This talented drummer-singer Noah Davies is actually the man behind the formation of field trip, so it’s really cool to see what he’s done with it and so creatively and the innovative music to come out of it.


The band has a huge instrumental theme running through all their songs, these parts being huge portions of the compositions and seems more prevalent than the vocal sometimes. It’s great to see a band so focused on the ‘music’ and are able to so strongly convey emotion and meaning through instruments, often more so than words.


My favourite song of the night was performance of ‘2 NY,’ a song off of their debut album ‘horror vacui’ released just a couple of months ago under independent label Invertebrate. The aforementioned instrumental sections that are so prevalent in their composition

guitar riffs really stood out in this one.


The band ended on ‘Still,’ the final song off of the ‘horror vacui’ album. The performance was really outstanding on this one, Noah’s drumming really reaching it’s height! Mega impressed with these guys and of course Invertebrate behind them, can’t wait to see them again!