REVIEW: Thylacine 'Transsiberian'


We don’t usually cover DJs, but we had to introduce you to Thylacine. He’s more than a DJ though - he’s art. Hailing from France capital Paris, I saw a live performance of ‘Transsiberian’ on my visit to Paris.


The concept behind this album is an expression of what he experienced on this journey on the Transsiberian railway, creating an album on what he heard in that journey. Forget the sound for a moment, but how does someone even come up with such a creative and innovative concept? IT’s definitely something which has never been done in music before, which is what drew me in to see him live in the first place.


Both the music itself, but the graphics too. This is why this album needs to be seen live, the graphics are a huge part of conveying it.


The sounds of the railway run on and off throughout the album and performance, with a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments to provide us with the music (and no vocals). The fact he was able to convey this emotion without the use of any speech is another thing which mesmerises me.


Thylacine has a strong musical background which comes through in his electronic compositions. With a history in more classical style of playing with the saxophone, he moved over to electronic to exercise a greater freedom, clearly successful move because this performance had so much emotion through it, which is hard to attain with just electronic instruments.  


I’m really glad I discovered him, his creativity and this beautiful piece of art! It’s definitely something I won’t be forgetting for a long, long time, and I can’t wait to see what experience he innovatively and unpredictably turns into art.