Featured Artist | KIOKO

One of our favourite discoveries from 2016, and a band sure to hit the highs in 2017 is Kioko!


They’re an 8 piece funk band with touches of soul, jazz, and even hip hop coming through.


I’ve seen these guys a few times, the last time being at o2 Islington opening for Dub Pistols, and they had an audience (who weren’t too familiar with their music before the gig) completely raving! Frontman Ewan – vocalist and trumpet -  is one of the most impressive performers I’ve seen, with a really huge personality on stage just taking over the room.


In their song ‘Queen of the Dancefloor,’ a couple of the band members came in to the crowd and just sang and dance with the whole audience, with a really cool rhythm to the song as well!


KIOKO also had prominent brass sections in all the songs, particularly in song ‘True What They Say,’ it’s definitely the best!


Songs flooded with inspired rhythms and melodies, charged by an essential social awareness, seen in their biggest song ‘Deadly Roots’ particularly, KIOKO are one of the most musical bands, and definitely the best live band, I’ve seen yet. From the days they were Tempting Rosie to now their quality has never faltered, only getting better each time I see them, so I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store next time!!! Check out their tracks here: