New Artist of the Week | Fickle Friends


Fickle Friends is a five piece band who have one of the MOST EXCITING sounds I’ve heard! I listened to them on a recommendation, but then switching on ‘Brooklyn Baby’ I was instantly amazed and pleasantly surprised.


The band is probably too used to getting compared to the likes of CHVRCHES, but I would only use that as a frame of reference, because in actuality, they have a completely new sound I haven’t heard elsewhere.


I’d say Fickle Friends’ sound leans more towards being pop than indie, but Fickle Friends give us sophisticated pop. It merges a lot of the upcoming trends in the contemporary music scene today – the electro-pop, the songwriter-style emotional lyrics, an catchy top lines, and guitar riffs you can’t get out of your head, and a lead vocalist – Natti -  with one of the purest voices. In song ‘S W I M,’ I can’t help but hear a little Lilly Allen-eqsue singing coming through.


Check out the song which sold me in less than a second – Brooklyn Baby!