Featured Artist | Sol, 'Mystery'

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Los Angeles’ finest pop is on the rise, as Sol comes on to the scene. With an enigmatic edge to her sound, Sol is more than a singer, but a true artist. Her lead track ‘Mystery’ demonstrated how her music itself has a strong personality.


It paints a landscape of Sol, both the ‘mystery’ of her physical environment of Los Angeles, and also her own thoughts. You can’t help but listen to the whole track to see where it goes, lyrics chanting ‘I wanna be the misery you can’t live without.’ A really sultry track, almost imagining a chase, and very hypnotic.


The song itself is really creative, taking a whole new spin on the electronic pop wave, and Sol’s voice almost being used as an instrument here. The rhythm of the beats themselves draw you in, off beats all through the track, surprise stress beats, and an interesting combo of live and produced sounds, combining what sound like jazz influences, with synths, yet of course, keeping it 'pop.' (Thus appropriately dubbed, eclectic pop).


I haven’t really heard a track like this, of such dark pop. It’s great to see a different side of pop, proving pop is also capable of showcasing deep human emotions in a musically advanced way. It’s rare, but Sol has proved it can be done!


Check out Mystery here: