OneRepublic | Apple Music Festival 2016


A mysterious atmospheric beginning, running with a bang in to their hit ‘Love Runs Out,’ OneRepublic continue the Apple Music Festival!


The Apple Music Festival usually has artists showcasing music largely from their new album, however OneRepublic treated the audience with a healthy balance of their new songs, their epic 2013 hits which brought them back on the scene, as well as some of their classics from 2008/09, such as ‘Secrets,’ ‘Stop and Stare,’ with lead singer Ryan Tedder bringing out his acoustic guitar too, and of course ‘Apologize’ – which brought back all the nostalgia being the first OneRepublic song I had ever heard!


Throughout the concert, the band had a really mysterious, atmospheric vibe, starting and ending each song with some instrumental, atmospheric vibe, the most notable ahead of ‘Apologize,’ with an interesting piano solo by Tedder; a particularly special performance as it was just him and the piano throughout, with the wonderful cello adding some magic in bits too. Piano and cello being my two favourite instruments, you can imagine how much I loved this performance!


OneRepublic really made this a special night by giving us all the backdrop on the songs. As Tedder says, ‘the best thing about music is it kind of becomes a soundtrack to your life.’ Describing the emotions behind ‘Good Life’ that he heard whilst recording at Abbey Road Studios here in London, hearing music which showed him what a “good life It is”, the song became my favourite performance of the night, really reminding me of my own love for my home London.  The song just made me smile, and made me remember how in love I am with London, with Camden, with the Roundhouse.


The set including a string of their legendary 2013 hits, the biggest one of the night being ‘Counting Stars’ with a big confetti bang, and the song with “people started getting married to it, and graduating to it,” ‘I Lived,’ only reminding all of us the meaning of music to each person. ‘All the Right Moves’ was also really interesting to see live. Choir voices filled the room at the start, and the cello took centre front stage throughout, made it a really orchestral, grand song, almost like an anthem.  


They also performed a brand new song unreleased called ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight,’ – of course new to the entire audience, everyone just quietly watched this song. A more ballad, country style, that reminded me a lot of Kodaline’s ‘All I Want,’ the song had quite an uplifting feel to it. Tedder also had the best performance of the night in this song, with his falsettos and his emotions through his facial expressions; the stage and audience going completely silent for a few seconds after the song.


 Of course we got to see their newer songs too latest album ‘Oh My My’ – the ‘best thing we’ve ever written’ according to the band – for the first time for me, including ‘Wherever I go,’ ‘Kids,’ ‘Future Looks Good,’ and closing the huge night on new song ‘If I Lose Myself.’  knowing the meanings behind these songs made me love them so much more, and a cover of the Louis Armstrong’s beautiful ‘What a Wonderful World,’ which had a big globe graphic on the ceiling.


It was great to see a more typical line up of an indie-rock band take to the Apple Music Festival, and a band who have been around for over a decade, its inspirational to see them still together, alive and kicking! Shout out to the “incredibly tiny start up that is Apple,” (sarcasm - Tedder’s words), and the 6.5 billion people who tuned into the live stream to watch, for making tonight’s Apple Music Festival as brilliant as always!


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!


Photos: Copyright Apple