New Artist of the Week: Alexis Kings

Our New Artist of the Week this week is Alexis Kings! They’ve been around for a few years, but their new EP ‘Squire’ really took them to a whole new level. ‘Squire’ has a really nostalgic sound, full of smooth vocals, bright melodies and summery guitar riffs, but with a strong rock edge all the way through, really cementing the band’s identity to be stronger than it has been before.


Title track ‘Squire’ is my favourite song from the band. It has a really calm yet lively sound, with a really unique sound to most other songs because of the way the chorus merges with the verses, making the song as if one continuous poem rather than an obvious verse-chorus structure, only adding to the romance.


The song contains a really emotive instrumental towards the middle, which strongly conveys the band’s strong emotions behind the songs, giving the EP all that much more meaning.


Closely following, ‘Morning Diana’ is one of my favourites, which is a rock ballad kind of sound, where guitar just plucks a melody throughout rather than riffs, made for a really 80s pop sound.


Other songs ‘Chivalry’ – heavier on the classic rock sound – and ‘Strawberry Blonde,’ – a really youthful, upbeat song – are also of top quality. The whole EP reflects the immense talent in the band through the range of musical styles yet keeping a consistency in the identity of their songs.


We hope to get these guys on one of our live night this year, so keep a watch! In the meanwhile, take a listen to their EP ‘Squires’ here: