Kuenta i Tambu | Roundhouse Rising Festival 2016


Alas, the Roundhouse Rising Festival is finished for this year, with Kuenta I Tambu ringing out the festival with the liveliest (and sweatiest) performance you can ever experience!


We saw these guys back in November in London, and they're only better and brighter. The colours never cease to disappoint, with the strong Afro-Carribean influence coming through. 


The dancing was my favourite thing about this gig. You can't help but move the whole way through.. Even if you're as exhausted as I was! The singers jumped all night, and there was a LOT of twerking, at one point all the audience grabbing onto the edge of the stage and shaking away!


These guys are so vibrant, you'll just feel so energised. What other band on a Sunday night can get a (sober) crowd so wild?! Between the twerking and clothes being waved in the air, and everyone going particularly mad on their song 'Don't Wanna Behave' as the title suggests! 


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 14.18.23.png

And aside from the energy that comes with it, the music itself is brilliant. It's a hip-hop electronic Afro-Carribean mish mash, featuring instruments from drum machines to bongos, so you can imagine how insanely cool it sounds.


The Roundhouse Choir and singer Auclaire opened the night, with an interesting collaboration, and featuring music from all over the world. They're one of the most creative, interesting choirs I've ever seen. So proud to be a part of the Roundhouse family! 


The Roundhouse Rising Festival has come to a close, but there's so much more on its way at The Roundhouse, including monthly Rising shows, and general music making in the studios always happening!