Album Review: Captions 'Iterations'


Captions are your classic four piece indie band, though this Los Angeles based band’s Southern California vibes in their music makes all the difference. A bright, laid back sort of rock that reflects the atmosphere of California exactly, their debut full length album ‘Iterations’ has a somewhat nostalgic vibe to it, yet a very youthful sound.


Leading track of the album ‘Bearfights’ is a particularly special sound. A large portion of the song is the lush guitar riffs, and the vocals give it that one push further making the song rich and warm.


Mid-tempo rock is something you don’t hear very often. This new wave of guitar music is a really exciting new trend amongst emerging bands, where it isn’t all about being as loud as possible, but deep in emotions and impactful lyrics without compromising the rock roots.  


The band remind me a lot of hot new UK band Palace. A really ambient, dazey rock where the vocals are really rich and smooth, complimenting the instruments perfectly.


Check out the album here: