Pop Kultur Festival | Berlin

A festival made of eight stages across six venues on one street in Berlin’s creative district Neukölln, Pop Kultur music festival returned this year, bringing more than 80 international artists to exclusively present their latest works, thoughts, and visions about pop culture! A brand new festival, just in its second year, Pop Kultur showcases best live music and DJs from all over the world each evening in this curfew-less city for three nights.


Not only were attendants of the festival from all around the world, but musicians were too. Native German musicians and bands of course performed, such as Brandt Brauer Frick, (who definitely had some of what I can only describe as interpretive dance incorporated into their music!), as well as from the likes of New York, such as Frankie Cosmos, or DJ Sassy Black from the US too, and never forgetting UK artists such as Metronomy brought their DJ vibes to Pop Kultur too.


The festival really brought art and industry from all over the world. As well as music, the festival had a more cultural element to it too, with talks, film showcases, and more - my highlight the Scottish instrumental rock group Mogwai opening the festival with a live soundtrack performance for 'Atomic.’


Pop Kultur also have created an additional programme for young aspiring music industry enthusiasts, with workshops and performances, connecting them to the worldwide industry. Speakers ranged from university professors, to Austin's SXSW music programmer, to band members of groups such as The Strokes and Genesis. It was really inspiring to get a worldwide perspective on the music industry, which is such a rare opportunity to be in a room which musicians and the future of the music industry from countries as far as the Philippines, joining young people from the likes of India to the likes of New York and London - creative people who would have otherwise never have met. 

Pop Kultur really made itself accessible to everyone and thus was one of the most interesting and most international conferences combined festivals I've attended!


Read all about Mogwai's majestic opening performance here, and a review of US artist Ezra Furman here, for his only German performance of the year - at Pop Kultur!