Ezra Furman | Berlin - Pop Kultur Festival


Lucky enough to see his only German show of 2016, Ezra Furman, with his touring band The Boy-Friends, came to the Pop Kultur stage at the brilliantly quirky club and venue Schwuz Kathedrale.


This being the first time I've seen him live, or even properly heard his music if I may admit, I was definitely taken aback. Much more rock 'n' roll than I imagined, and Furman's vocals almost screamo at some time, the band's musicality at the same time was very present on stage - the line up including a saxophonist!


This fusion of blues elements to his plain rock style of performance is what makes him so interesting to watch. Often his melodies reminded me of other songs, yet even despite that I still enjoyed the gig.


He performed a couple of new hits from upcoming album 'Perpetual Motion People' for the festival too.


Clear in his gender fluidity and aim to fight for rights, proud of his sexuality, it's rare to find rock music with this sort of message behind it, so I'm glad to see such music at the forefront! 


Furman is set to perform in London this year in October at The Roundhouse - where we announce our next Concentus Live gig, so watch out for that big announcement!