Britney Spears | Apple Music Festival 2016


Decades worth of the world’s best pop music videos came to life tonight as Pop Queen Britney Spears gave us an hour and a half of her biggest best, and brightest songs from the start of her career to the now! I loved tonight because all songs performed bar one were her classic Britney hits, so the audience were able to party on with Britney the whole night!


Starting the night with a very techno style with her dancers marching around the stage, Britney opened the night with her epic 2015 hit Work Bitch, and into Womaniser.


The classic Britney hits followed on, with her album ‘In The Zone’ being a big part of the night, including performances of ‘Break The Ice’, ‘Piece of Me’, ‘Gimme More’, and ‘Me and the Music’ – which was extra cool as the audience did the honour of singing Madonna’s part for her!


Songs performed from the start of Britney’s career were no doubt my favourite part of the night, and of any true Britney fan, to see these songs live two decades after release is a huge deal! Baby One More time and Oops I Did It Again were nostalgic as ever, and though only a snippet of Crazy was performed, it doesn’t change that it’s my favourite one of hers! joined the stage… in form of a hologram… to sing ‘Scream and Shout,’ after which Britney came back on stage, bringing back the school-girl outfit, to enter a string of remixed versions of her songs, sort of acting like the club night part of the set, performing to a remix of ‘Boys’ which was largely electro beats, and into a break down to Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It.’ Amongst this, was her new song ‘Do You Wanna Come Over,’ released last month.


And then, the classic Britney props finally came, that I was waiting for the whole night. The pole on which Britney danced the ever sensual ‘Slave 4 U,’ the creative chair formations in 'Do Somethin,' leading onto an S&M inspired performance of her 2007 hit ‘Freak show,’ where a guy form the audience was brought on stage to be chained and whipped (in a friendly safe manner) by Britney- and carried what must have been the biggest smile ever.


The Roundhouse momentarily transformed into a Circus as she performed hits from her comeback album.. you guessed it – ‘Circus,’ including the title track, and the not so subtly titled ‘If U Seek Amy.’


She ended with her biggest hits of ‘Toxic,’ – which for some reason began with a jungle dance sort of introduction (but she made it work), ‘Stronger,’ ‘Crazy,’ and ‘Till The World Ends.’


The big Britney Spears dancing of course wasn’t so much there in this concert. I doo miss her huge performances, but the production and the music and her stage presence hasn’t dipped one bit – and we still got the occasional flip from our Queen!


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!


Photos: Copyright Apple