Bastille | Apple Music Festival 2016

 “If anyone wants to jump up and down with me on this next one, feel free!” - said Dan at the start of every song!


DAN SMITH leads band of the moment Bastille through what has been by far my favourite night of the Apple Music Festival, playing for the very first time ever their new album ‘Wild Worlds’ to their fans, along with their classic hits from their emergences, mixed in with a few bonus surprises.

New songs the band played were ‘An Act of Kindness,’ ‘Blame,’ and title track off the new album ‘Warmth.’ ‘Snakes’ was my favourite ever rhythm from all of the band’s songs, and I fell in love with new song ‘The Currents’ – which I haven’t stopped listening to since. We also got to hear ‘Four Walls,’ which Dan claims is ‘the most depressing song they’ve ever written.’ Their latest single from the new album ‘Good Grief’ was of course also in the set!

I love the concept behind the ‘Wild Worlds’ album – it’s not just a playlist of their best new songs, but has the theme that when watching the news, ‘the world seems really fucked up, but to remember that cool people in friendships and relationships exist,’ as Dan described it. There are news clips type of speech intertwined in each song (similar to what I’m sure you’ve heard in the opening of ‘Good Grief,’) and even the graphics on stage are miming news reports. It’s so great to see Bastille bring back what is the now (unfortunately) rare concept of an ALBUM – a collection of songs which support each other and create a story.


The usual Bastille band members were there of course, but this performance was one of my favourites of theirs as they had a whole brass section with trumpets and saxophones in many of the songs, and cellos playing throughout too!


I could tell the band were also proud of their work, and rightly so – as Dan introduced nearly each new song as his favourite! But to be honest, I’m also struggling to pin point my exact favourite song of theirs, as I’m so blown away by their new album!


It was also a great nostalgic treat to see those Bastille songs live which I heard when I saw them live first when I was 14 – including ‘Laura Palmer,’ and my favourites ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Flaws,’ and the all time epic ‘Pompeii.’


We were treated with the unexpected surprise of Craig David coming to join the band on stage – where Dan himself seemed star struck, saying Bastille has ‘culminated into becoming Craig David’s backing band.’ But I definitely saw it as a clear, equal collaboration – Craig joining the band for ‘Fake It’ and ‘Of The Night,’ and Dan taking the verses of the songs Craig performed ‘Sixteen / Fill Me In’ – and doing it REALLY WELL in a style I’ve never heard him sing before!


Regularly watching Bastille in concert for a few years now, I fall in love with them even more each time – and Dan’s voice has such a different sort of texture now that it’s ever had before! I just saw the band at Bestival a couple of weeks ago, but I was just as excited by their set! I can never get bored of their music!


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December! LOTS OF LOVE BASTILLE


Photos: The Upcoming