Robbie Williams | Apple Music Festival 2016


Starting with an all time classic Robbie hit, Williams and his cheesy outfits (no but really, a suit patterned with butterflies and a ring with a disco ball on it was tonight’s attire) hit the midway mark of the Apple Music Festival.


His dance moves were as Robbie and as awkward as ever. Opening with his classic hits ‘Let Me Entertain You’ and ‘Rock DJ’, the audience favourites of course, where he also pulled down his trousers and gave us a nice flash of his underwear (for some reason).

Introducing the song with a little “Here’s TAKE THAT! Oh wait…they’re not here?” role play, he also performed an absolutely insane version of ‘Back For Good’ – one that he has apparently been performing foe decades - turning the acoustic ballad song into a crazy rock song, with a ridiculously heavy chorus and pretty scandalous alteration of lyrics.  


Only to then totally switch it up into a cover of jazz classic Minnie the Moocher. I do love his music, and his performances are definitely memorable, but I don’t really understand why he did anything he did in this concert, between flashing us and his random jazz performances!


The pop hits of 2002 came along later, singing his classic hits Monsoon and Come Undone. Then there was the string of 1997 hits, all those hits released before I was born –  including ‘Old Before I Die,’ and ‘Strong,’ Actually, a rather strong rock edge to him came out tonight which I hadn’t really expected from Williams who’s largely known as pop singer, performing his song ‘Kids.’

The lovable pop side of him of course couldn’t be held back, where his recent hit ‘Candy’ was the most enjoyable performance of the night in my personal opinion- probably because it’s my favourite song of his lately!  That, and my other favourite moment of the night was his performance of ‘Angels;’ The only time in the performance I felt he was sincere, where I saw his real emotions, dedicating it to his late manager David Enthoven.


He closed with the only new song he performed on the night from his new album ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show,’ released on the day of this gig itself on Apple Music, performing ‘Sensational’ for us.


One thing’s for sure, Robbie’s gigs are never predictable, but that in a way makes his concerts all the more interesting, and why you couldn’t end up see the same thing twice from him, even if you wanted to!


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!


Photos: Copyright Apple