Alicia Keys | Apple Music Festival 2016


Alicia Keys was the star everyone was there to see, on the third night of the Apple Music Festival. In her usual classy style, big voice simultaneously playing the grand piano, she was always an inspirational choice of music, especially in concert! She started the night with some newer songs, like ’28 Thousand Days,’ and then got to the big hits that the whole audience was nostalgically singing along too. She had an electronic spin on it this evening too, which was interesting to see these ‘modern’ versions of such classic songs!


Sampha came on stage to support her on stage during ‘Unthinkable’, which was a really powerful duet to see, and during Sampha’s own funky dance track ‘Blood On Me’ which he dueted with Keys. I love how this festival has had these huge classic artists promote new artists, as Elton John dueted with four new artists at his set the other night too! Not ot mention, great to see Keys duet on an electronic track – it worked surprisingly well!


About half way through, we got to the more classic ballad, acoustic sort of style, where we could focus on Alicia’s powerful voice. She had a particularly strong start to ‘Fallin’ where just her and her voice alone filled the room, starting the song acapella. She started her song ‘In Common’ with the life advice that ‘We all have so much more alike than different,’ emphasising how ‘our uniqueness is so fly.’ I really loved the extra meaning this gave the song – which, after starting acoustic on the piano, suddenly in the middle really unexpectedly became like a dance track!


She ended the concert with the more classic versions of her songs, ‘Hallelujah’ and the all time favourites ‘If I Ain’t Got You,’ with the atmospheric, soul clicks going through the whole song, and a steady piano-vocal performance from Keys, like we were all in a New York City jazz bar for a moment.


The set of all my personal favourites came at the end – my favourite part of the whole night of course, and she was also the liveliest on stage at the end, with a huge smile on her face! ‘Girl On Fire’ was of course one of the audience favourites, one of the liveliest reactions in the whole evening and loudest singing back! She ran straight into ‘No-One’, and ended on the all time classic ‘Empire State of Mind.’ – where she even honoured us at the Apple Music Festival by changing the lyrics from New York to London - big love to Alicia Keys!


Jordan Fisher opened for Alicia Keys with his song ‘Counterfeit’ to kick off the night. Music that I can best describe as electronic-soul, was really interesting to see as I haven’t really heard music of this sort before! His second song ‘Vegas’ and ending song ‘Lookin’ Like That’ were really funky too, and ‘Always Summer’ in the middle was a more ballad style song, yet keeping the funk. Honestly, his musicality and ability to combine genres was prominent throughout, and it was a set where you wouldn’t get bored throughout as it’s always switching it up – and really the music was really complimentary to Keys’ music too!


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!


Photos: Copyright Apple