The 1975 | Apple Music Festival 2016


“Please welcome your favourite band The 1975” as front man Matthew Healy introduces his band, as The 1975 continue the epic line up for the 2016 Apple Music Festival on its second night, following Elton John. 


The band played their biggest hits, starting with their newest ones. ‘Love Me’ opened their set, the very old school but so classy guitar riffs filling up The Roundhouse. Songs such as ‘Heart Out’ featured some sexy saxophone solos, this instrument really adding to the line up for the entire night, showing them to be more than your classic indie rock band. ‘Change of Heart’ had the electronic-pop vibe combined with an acoustic element to it which I also really love.


Healy was one of the most entertaining parts of the night, such a pleasant character to sing and dance a long with; the one who smokes on stage throughout and pulls it off without turning you off, manages to make an entire audience put away their phones in order to ‘enjoy with their eyes, hearts, and each other’s company’ (I love artists who manage to make a crowd of thousands do this), and even played the guitar himself in songs.


The middle of the concert became quite calm and quiet, the band obviously regaining their energy after the bang of a start and the brilliant end that was to come of their best songs, performing songs ‘Fallingforyou,’ ‘Somebody Else,’ and ‘Me,’ whch was especially atmospheric.


The last half hour of the concert thought – that’s where all the excitement really took place. Being a fan of The 1975 from the beginning of their career, to hear their songs from the times they were new on the scene was so exciting, including the slurry as ever ‘Chocolate’ (no less slurry live!), and ‘Girls’. Newer songs such as ‘The Sound’ were of course also some of the best to hear live, and the band ended on the classic 1975 title ‘Sex.’


 Christine and The Queens opened this night. Having had a preview of her music the night before as she dueted her song ‘Tilted’ with Elton John, it was great to see her again, especially realising how brilliantly co-ordinated the music and act was with The 1975. A French routed artist, often giving us some French rap, and a taste of ‘French discotheque’,’ Christine and The Queens are by far one of my favourite new artists to watch live. The dancing on stage as well really enhanced the music you were hearing, and to hear ‘Tilted’ again performed just by herself was a treat!


Both The 1975 and Christine and The Queens have unique, confident performance styles that you don’t see in other bands, and why this night was one of my favourite nights, of high quality music from artists who truly don’t hide anything from their audiences on stage.


Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!


Photos: Copyright Apple