Mondo.NYC | Former Belle at The Cake Shop


Philadelphia based band Former Belle came over to NYC to headline The Cake Shop for the first night of Mondo.NYC, an independent venue in Manhattan’s trendy East Village.


Bruno’s song-writing is what gives Former Belle that special tinge. It’s simple and sweet but so musical and attractive, and probably the most genuine ‘indie folk’ band I’ve seen. Their songs have the folk type, calm, loving melodies, merged with the upbeat nature of a classic four piece indie band.

A band in which all of the members have the same leaf tattoo from a previous Chicago gig, the on stage communication and chemistry when performing Bruno’s songs together is one of the things which makes the band so appealing on stage.  The band have a really interesting formation, where frontman Bruno Catrambone leads the band, letting us enter in to his world with music which is his own song-writing. Whether he performs a lone or with his band, he is still always Former Belle, and that in itself proves how important all the members are to making ‘Former Belle,’ and we were lucky enough to see the whole lot on this occasion.


Look out for the Concentus Music Radio Show Mondo.NYC Special next week where we interview the band, about everything from Bruno's songwriting to their tattoos! Looking forward to the new music Former Belle have yet to release!


Photos: Carolyn Lederach