Mondo.NYC | The Hall at MP | Hannah Scott, MRCH, Carnival Youth, Opus Orange


The first ever Mondo Festival took place this year in NYC. Previously CMJ, Mondo showcases emerging artists from all over the world in venues all across NYC and Brooklyn.


The week started with Brooklyn’s Hall at MP venue, showcasing Hannah Scott (UK), MRCH (USA, Phoenix), Carnival Youth (Latvia), and Opus Orange (LA). The range of locations the artists on this bill come from should tell you in itself what a unique and eye opening night it was, and a sort of bill you wouldn’t see programmed anywhere outside Mondo!


Repping our very own London was Hannah Scott. Her trip partly funded by the much loved PRS Foundation, Hannah and her cellist performed songs written by this folk –pop musician. Her favourite song of mine was ‘Hurricanes’ – specifically the lyric ‘I need bruises that last like tattoos.’ I thought all her lyrics were actually really poetic, which is one of my favourite aspects of folk music! She also performed songs from her 2014 EP ‘The Space In Between,’ including ‘My Dad and I,’ written for, of course, her Dad, which is always a sweet one to hear. We also got to hear a potential future release ‘Half My Home,’ – and I hope she does chose to release it!


Duo MRCH performed after. Pronounced ‘March,’ this band from Phoenix brought this prominently rising genre of electronic-pop to Mondo NYC. Reminding me of other electronic bands such as CHVRCHES, I really enjoyed the music but also the general stage presence of the band. Managing their own technical side of their set, which I thought was really impressive and something I thought they handled amazingly! The duo also have the set up so that the drummer has equal visibility to the singer, so we can equally see both performers, so it was really enjoyable to see them perform in this way and see what a drummer gets up to!


Band Carnival Youth took to the stage after. A classic 4 piece indie band formed of 4 young men, the guys hail from Latvia. This is the first time I’ve seen a band from there so I really appreciated the opportunity to see music coming out from all over the world this week! The band’s drummer was also taking the lead on a lot of the vocals here, which again is a set up I rarely see, so it was interesting to see so many new ways of performing music – their favourite song of mine ‘Brown Eyes.’


Opus Orange headlined the night. A Santa Monica based band which consists of a huge line up – though had five of them here – the band still made a huge impression and was able to convey their sound. They have the really chilled out indie vibe, a very radio friendly sound, but they have a lot more musicality than a typical indie band would have. We got to hear their latest release ‘Anatomic,’ and their favourite one of mine being ‘Diving Bell.’


All the artists performed in at least two showcases during the festival, and Opus Orange also performed in Mondo Live Sessions, pictured above! 


Interviews with all four of these artists feature in this week’s Concentus Music Radio show - Mondo NYC special, where I cover the whole week of new music that took over NYC! Listen out for it!