Roundhouse Rising: Camden Beach Live Music


The summer is almost at an end – which means the Roundhouse Beach is almost too! But that's ok - we still had the best time, as every summer the Camden Roundhouse turn their rooftop terrace into a beach, with a programme of live music to showcase their best emerging talent from the studios below.


The last day of live music on this year’s beach showcased a Roundhouse project – Producers Vs Vocalists – where the artists performed songs they created that week itself, through collaboration and self-work too.


Afterwards, an emerging artist stage took place – where artists who are Emerging Artist members at the Roundhouse applied and got chosen to play, performing a song each, showcasing all kinds of music from bands, to rap, to singer-songwriters – including recently featured artist Sophie Kilburn, playing a new song Indigo Fever! And of course, our one and only Theo Ajiey hosted the night in true Theo style, ending the Emerging Artist stage with his song ‘Say My Name,’ where the whole audience were doing dance moves like the ‘grandpa’ (?!) and the ‘aeroplane.’ Gotta love Theo!


In the evening, the more established Roundhouse Resident Artists took to the stage, with Ara, Benna, and Josh Jacob.


Ara is an incredibly interesting and creative artist, using just her voice to create her music, making her own harmonies serving as backing tracks with the use of a loop pedal. This time, she also showcased some songs she had produced herself with backing tracks – particularly the funky song was my favourite!


Spoken word artist Benna then took to the stage. Roundhouse is the place that introduced me to spoken word in the first place, so I always love coming back and seeing more here! Benna’s poetry has a focus on people and the world he’s observed, how he himself has grown up and other people. Really insightful pieces of work!


Old-time favourite Josh Jacob headlined the night. A really eclectic set, playing old songs, new songs, acoustic, acapella, production, solo and with friends, Josh really showcased every side of his talent on this night. My favourites were his collaboration with Suzie, song ‘Wolf Whistle,’ where they talk about – as the title suggests- the struggle a girl has walking home at night, and it’s great that Josh understood the importance of the matter because rarely do you see boys grappling with the topic in their music! He also performed with the aforementioned Ara, where the duo did an acapella version of one of his older songs, and Ara helped him co-write song Monster too. Josh had some interested pieces of work this time that I had never seen before, such as his song ‘I feel Like Romance Is Dead’ where he sampled music of Virginia O’Brien.


So, in case I haven't made it clear in the past, I love the Roundhouse, and I think they proved once again how brilliant their music is, and though we love the beach and the upcoming Apple Music Festival – which, like last year, I challenge myself to review all ten nights – the studios downstairs is really where all the beautiful art happens!