REVIEW: △UGUST, Frida Sundemo, Natali Felicia - Warner Music Showcase


Warner Music put together a night of emerging music, those bands signed to their new publishing branch W-Songs, a new venture specifically made for artists early on in their career, in partnership with Hot Vox.


August (with a triangle) headlined this gig at the Hoxton Square Bar & Grill, the venue with a disco ball on its cieling, and brought me back to my favourite style of live music, the four piece indie rock band. Songs performed were largely not released yet, but 'Born To Break My Heart' is definitely the one I'm looking forward to most - very non cliche lyrics and motivation behind the song making it really stick in my mind! They performed song 'Sword' which is presently the only one out, and closed with 'Ghost' - a more romantic song. They also performed 'Animals'- a lively song, and one of my favourites from the night, to be the next song they release, so watch out for that soon! Lead vocalist put away his guitar for this one, so it was great to see him own the whole stage with just his vocals and presence! August are a band I'm really glad to have discovered tonight! 


Supporting was Frida Sundemo, who was an electronic synth based performer with a bass drum and a throng voice to make it come to life. Her music, just her and one musician providing the backing, sometimes felt like club music, particularly when the synths were strong, and sometimes like more classic vocalist-instrumentalist music.  Her favourite songs of mine being 'We Are The Dreamers,' where she played the floor tom whilst singing - something I love watching lead vocalists do! Her final song 'A Million Years' also had a great drum breakdown in the middle. 


Natali Felicia opened the night, who carries a ballad approach to her music, again in the live produced style that Sundemo had. 


All the music tonight was ace, a great line up for W-Songs first gig, great opportunity to discover new music, and hopefully there will be more!