The Prophets, Sally Pepper | Surya, London


The Prophets came to Surya in Kings Cross during their UK tour in support of their latest EP ‘Waiting For The End.’ Playing to a packed audience, the band were pretty impressive for being able to stay true to the pop-punk genre that they are throughout their set.  Not being a regular attendee of rock gigs myself, it was cool to see how this band managed to involve everyone in the audience either way.


I hate to make an emphasis on ‘female fronted’ aspect of a band, BUT in this genre, it always stands out to me because it’s a great contrast to hear a softer voice working with the heavy music that rock / punk music tends to demand. ‘Closest Thing’ was my favourite song of theirs, just because the melodies and the instrumentation were the most appealing to me here!


Sally Pepper headlined the night. Quite a contrast to the aforementioned The Prophets, performing in the more singer songwriter style with a guitar and herself. Her songs were slightly more interesting though than the sad love song; My favourite had to be ‘Nothing’ a song all about the empty void that is life when you finish uni, something I’m sure every young person would experience after coming out of any sort of education! She also did an experimental cover of Fall Out Boys’ music, as well as using the loop pedal unexpectedly amazingly throughout her set!

She ended with her song ‘Memory,’ a song off of one of her EPs, built up with the audience claps, and intertwining Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ in to the song somehow seamlessly. I loved this set just because of the incredibly interesting array of genres and songs and topics and influences that Sally pulled in, making each song a surprise, and a great one too!


A night of much new, creative, and innovative music!