BST Hyde Park: Mumford and Sons


Mumford and sons took to the stage for the eighth day of BST Hyde Park, with a day of music completely curated by the band themselves! 


The long reigning four-piece returned home to London for the first time in months, performing a vibrant set of their greatest songs in their unique striking banjo indie band style. This is the first time I've properly seen them live as a whole band and it didn't run short of expectations. In fact, in a 65,000 crowd, you can imagine I could barely even see them most the time, but even then I loved the concert so much because their music is top notch. The audience was all ages of all genders, and that to me is the ultimate sign of good music!


'Ditmas' has always been my favourite song, and watching it live was brilliant as frontman Mumford actually came down and partied with the audience on this one, eventually crowdsurfing his way back to the front with his shirt having been unbuttoned by that point, of course. 


The sweetest part of this outdoors summer concert was when the band came on to a platform in the middle of the Hyde Park crowd at sunset and performed a non amplified version of 'You Are Not Alone,' - it was deep. The whole crowd actually silenced and though impossible to see from most spots, we could just about hear them! 


They ended with their most classics 'I Will Wait' and 'The Wolf,' and the crowd doing the typical Mumford and Sons jump that you have to do with every song you hear of theirs. 


Wolf Alice took to the stage before Mumford and Sons, with a very pleasantly surprising lead vocal really taking over the park! 


The whole day was programmed with amazing music, with our favourites Island - new band on the block soon to play Scala - taking the PlayStation Music stage away, as well as an entire stage for Ben Lovett's record label Communion Music, my favourite artist on there being The Strumbellas.


Now we won't be honoured with Mumford and Sons' presence back in London for at least a year, so we were so glad to catch them here!