REVIEW: Zibra...Their final show!


ZIBRA headlined The Social… and it’s their last ever gig!


This really cool indie-pop-punk-rock-funk mush were one of my favourite up and coming bands, so it’s really sad to see them go!


Songs which were personal highlights were ‘Girls Like You’ and ‘Heartache,’ both of which have an incredibly edgy sound to them and catchy rhythm, particularly the latter having a slight psychedelic sound to it.


Paris was my favourite song of theirs, which has one of the best rhythms to a song I’ve heard, particularly live it was great to hear, and with an incredible 80s stlye influence coming through.


The trio’s big hit ‘Wasted Days’ of course was one of the most audience friendly parts of the night, a song where dedicated fans and casual listeners both know; a really upbeat, catchy old-time pop vibe to the song.


The inclusion of the synth to this funky rock pop sound (they pretty much manage to fuse all genres together, yet in a very tasteful way) definitely makes them unique, and I’m so sad to see that this was their break up gig, only making it all the more ironic their closing song was their recently released R.I.P.


I have been wanting to catch a Zibra show for almost a year now, so I'm glad I got the chance before it was over! We shall miss you Zibra!!