New Artist of The Week | Tom Misch


Tom Misch is a singer, and one who produces his own music – its musicains like this which get me the most excited. His self-produced album ‘Beat Tape 2’ released last year is really striking, as well as new EP 'Reverie' - and both highly out of the ordinary.


In a lot of his tracks, there is a featured singer to take over the vocal – such as 'Wander With Me', which features Carmody, a singer who I’ve previously known, so it was a pleasant shock to see her on a track with Misch! A lot of the tracks are instrumental proudctions, but have that soulful jazz vibe to them, as if I’m in one of those late night sessions in a New York City jazz bar. ‘Falafel’ has to be my favourite of this, as the electric guitar really feels like it’s the lead melodies on this – you just don’t need vocals on a song like this! ‘Home’ is also a great one, which has a really uplifting feel to it.


‘Watch me Dance’ though is the first song I heard of his, and what got me hooked to look into more, from his new EP released just last week ‘Reverie.’ This EP is cool as he features a lot of his own vocals too, which gives his songs a whole new perspective, really connecting the production with the vocals. ‘I Wish’ has super funky guitar riffs too, only making it all even better!


Check out Tom Misch’s new EP Reverie now, ready to download or stream!