Mercy Lounge - Blinds, New Schematics, Twiggs, Michael McQuaid | Nashville


Cannery Ballroom, Mercy Lounge, Nashville -  one of my favourite and most memorable nights from my Nashville trip! Not your usual Nashville country music on that night, but it had more of that London-esque, NYC style, indie bands, and whilst Nashville’s country scene is special, it was cool to see the alternative side of Nashville.


Blinds, who actually curated the whole night as part of their tour, opened the night. Nashville natives, they were your classic four piece indie rock band, however their music was one of the most exciting sounds I’ve heard in a while! Not to mention, their front-man, Brain Zambera, was one of the most interesting performers you could see. He took over the whole stage with his movement and his outrageous style! (Below)


Michael McQuaid continued the night. A solo musician with his band behind him, he brought the darker side of almost pop music to the stage, that grungey, soulful kind of style.


The New Schematics (pictured at top) then took to the stage, and really blew me away – my favourite band of the night! They connected so well with the audience, all their songs were so clearly relevant to real life. Their favourite song of mine was ‘Born Without Borders,’ where they shared the idea that people are not meant to stay where they were born, people are meant to travel the world, starting with the fact that he thought at least 99% of the room were not born in Nashville… made me feel great, coming all the way from London! ‘Leavers’ was also a great song of theirs, with a similar sort of concept. They had so much audience interaction, even getting a member of the audience to modestly come on stage and play guitar solos and jam out with them on stage… and he turned out to be one pretty ace guitarist! But not only were the meanings behind the songs special, but I really enjoyed the music itself too, of course! I mean I was so engrossed in their performance that I only even took one picture during their set!


Twiggs were the headlining band. A more typical country style Nashville band, they had almost Mumford and Sons like harmonies. A heavily guitar based band, their music was really chill to listen to, and a great way to end my last night in Nashville with the wonderful music that is crawling through that city!


Shout out to Blinds for putting the night together!