Sofar Sounds: London 19/06


We just had a huge whirlwind tour in USA where we saw Sofars from coast to coast from LA to NYC, and last night we returned to Sofar London to where it all began!


Spoken word artist Dean Atta opened the night. I rarely get to experience a spoken word artist in a Sofar so it was really cool to be able to see this again. Dean’s poems were really insightful, my favourite being… ‘How To Be A Poet,’ mostly because of the irony of the piece. Dean was also just really enjoyable to watch, as he allowed this audience of strangers to have a deep insight to his life, including ‘Rome is Eternal’ – a piece inspired by his usage of Grinder in Rome! Didn’t see that coming did ya?


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.18.51.png

Joseph Wander played after. A singer songwriter who cleverly used balloons to instead of the usual fliers to get the attention of this Sofar audience, brought us back to the singer songwriter vibe that Sofar welcomes so much. His song ‘Fear’ was my favourite of the night, having elements of folk really coming through.


Bristol band ‘Why We Love’ closed the night. Just a duo on the stage, giving us two vocals and an acoustic and an electric guitar, it was impressive to see how much music they could create from such a simple instrumentation line up. This band is probably one of the most unique I’ve ever seen because they actually YODELLED. Yes, we had a band yodel at Sofar Sounds, and it was brilliant.


So that’s our return to the UK official then, we miss you Sofar NYC / LA / Nashville!