Happy 10th Birthday, Roundhouse!


Happy 10 year Anniversary to the Roundhouse Studios! Thanks to you, Concentus Music had it’s start in March 2015, and to this day you continue to support us! We’re looking forward to celebrating your 50th anniversary as a venue later this year in October too! New logo and everything.


The Roundhouse Ten Year Anniversary event saw Roundhouse Resident Artists take to the stage, for everyone to see the wonderful talent that grows and is nurtured inside the Roundhouse, such as Soma, who we were luckily enough to have perform at our last Concentus gig, as well as acrobats celebrating their circus talent, and more! CEO Marcus Davey also delivered a speech explaining the aims and goals of the Roundhouse – to bring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, or even young people who just want to try something new – to the forefront and give them opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them; A goal so greatly achieved.


The best moment had to be when the whole audience sang Happy Birthday to the Roundhouse! Congratulations on creating such a magical space, Roundhouse!