New Artist of the Week | Lawrence Taylor


Lawrence Taylor’s debut EP ‘Bang Bang’ was released last year, but he’s only continued to come to more and more prominence in 2016.


The first song ‘Chains’ is a rather dark sort of sound, yet also enlightening. A lot of emotion as if he is in misery comes through – an apt emotion for a song ‘Chains,’ where the lyrics repeat “I’m breaking out my chains,” sounding very much like after a struggle, he is finally breaking away. I love it when the way a song is sung actually matches the lyrics!


Most of Lawrence’s song follow the format of a pretty simple instrumentation – a simple electric guitar chord progression, and a bit of drumming. But that simplicity gives us the chance to really focus on his voice, which is the real beauty here.


Title track ‘Bang Bang’ is my favourite though. The simplicity of the music makes the song very appealing, with just an electric guitar strumming chords, and Lawrence’s layered vocals and harmonies, and his voice sounding attractively deep in this one – more so than in his others! Towards the end of the song, he even picks up this new fast pace, which builds so much excitement and suspense, really making the song into a story. I’ve never heard such an exciting composition of a contemporary song!


Check the previews of his title track 'Bang Bang' from his EP: