Concentus Music Live: June Live - Notting Hill Arts Club


We returned to the Notting Hill Arts Club following our huge One Year Anniversary performance back in April, this time for our June Live – gig number 7 – with Kerri Watt, Little Brother Eli, The Smokey Krows, and Soma, along with our very first club night, showcasing UK’s best new music, the artists ranging from Scotland to Oxford to London itself!


Soma opened the night. Keeping in line with the classic Concentus tradition, they were our massive jazz band for the night, this time a 7 piece. Opening with a ten minute instrumental intro to the night, they had an huge element to funk incorporated with the music, my favourite song of theirs being ‘Who Is Alone,’ which featured the congas, and also a huge funky instrumental breakdown in the middle – always a favourite! And of course, we got to hear their new single ‘On My Mind.’


Native from West London, Smokey Krows joined the stage next, ahead of their new EP released featuring their new songs. This psychedelic rock band were definitely something different, keeping to the rock traditions but had that little element of jazz in it. They also played us some classic covers, including All Along The Watchtower, which you can’t help but love!

Little Brother Eli took to the stage as the penultimate act of the night. They really blew everyone away, with their soul infused rock music, my favourite songs of theirs being ‘Gold’ and ‘Who Do You.’ Not only is their music top notch, but their performance style also brilliant. The only band I’ve ever seen with waistcoats on stage, as well as their stage presence and physical movements – particularly lead singer Alex Grew really owned the stage!


Kerri Watt headlined the night, bringing her Scottish influenced poetic lyrics and melodic tunes to the Notting Hill Arts Club stage! She started with a short cover of Eagles’ ‘Seven Bridges Road,’ which went into her own song ‘Paris’ – which was definitely my favourite songs of hers in the night! Just her and her alone on stage, she played acoustic guitar to accompany herself for the most part, and even showed us her talent on the keys for a couple of songs in the middle, the most memorable on her song ‘Long Way Home.’


The music ended with our first club night at the end, partying on till 2am with DJ Charisma and DJ Oli Young taking the night home! One of the most enjoyable gigs, with the best set of music we’ve showcased so far!