Sofar Sounds: Los Angeles 04/05

Sofar Sounds Los Angeles, take two! This time in the heart of Hollywood, in Sofar LA’s very own base in WeWork, as we all scraped into the office’s Whisky and Wine Wednesday.


Lael Neale opened the night – a really soft singer songwriter, who, like every other artist who performs at Sofar, said this is “the greatest audience she ever experienced”! I loved the folk element she had to her music, rather than the classic pop-singer. Her favourite song of mine was ‘Third Floor Window,’ which reminded me of a lot of old-time folk music, and the melody and the rhymes in the lyrics were particularly on point!


After, we got to see MRKTS (below). These guys have an element of old school RnB in their music, yet also alternative rock, performing songs from their album released just last November. It baffles me how anyone could be so musically brilliant and combine the two genres which are usually so different, but these guys definitely managed it! Listening to the lead singer, I felt like they were almost rapping, but they just about weren’t, but were actually singing very melodically. Quite clever. The singer also performed unplugged, which was one of my favourite things about the performance, because so rarely do you get to see that, and I was quite impressed we could still hear him over the instruments – must be quite a talent! I think the best had to be when MRKTS dropped in a little cover of Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ amidst his old-school RnB mashup. Certainly made the whole audience do a double take.


To close the night, trio TUFT (above) brought their huge personalities and brilliant music to Sofar.  These guys also were playing songs from a new album. They had some pretty deep stuff to share with us, starting their set by explaining how ‘everything is music if you hear it correctly,’ being a honking car or a person giggling. Naturally, their songs and other intros were just as deep, giving us a song about ‘relationship with mother nature and earth,’ how we’re all ‘stuck on a ball together revolving around space having birthdays.’ True though. Their humour definitely made themselves stand out, but it didn’t overshadow the brilliant music they brought our way, using FX pedals live, presenting a rather psychedelic sound.


Sofar LA only proved what a wonderful music scene Los Angeles has, and we’re sad to be leaving it for now, but hopefully to return very soon!