New Artist of the Week | Yonaka


Our New Artist of the Week is Yonaka! I saw this band finishing their headline tour in London a couple of months ago, and they severely fascinated me. They have a grungey yet indie sort of sound to them. The guitar riffs and use of distortion give them a really hard rock sound, but lead singer Theresa’s vocals compliment these to give it the slightly softer edge around their music. She also goes wild playing the toms at the front of the stage - and it’s pretty cool.


The band alternate from super melodic parts to some all-out head banging and thrashing on stage sort of sound, which is pretty interesting to watch and listen to. The songs in themselves have this switch, for example ‘Run’ takes you on a huge musical journey. I think this unpredictable element to their music and contrast in each song is what makes them quite special.


After a show with DIY last year, and a big tour at the start of the year, they're playing at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter this month, and heading out on the road again, hitting The Groucho Club in London June 3rd! Check their favourite song of mine, Run: