REVIEW: Catfish and the Bottlemen - Los Angeles


Catfish and The Bottlemen played at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever… this is actually a cemetery, so once you finish getting lost inside there and finally find the gig, you’re pretty hyped up. This rock group put on a shockingly amazing show bringing their British energetic selves, to sell out Los Angeles.


Their favourite song of mine live on the night was ‘Rango’ – this one was particularly energetic, and amazing to be part of the audience as the band allowed us to sing most of it for them! I love seeing songs live which go from super loud and full of guitars, to a more stripped back instrumental, and eventually builds itself back up to the classic rock sound, which is exactly what Rango was like.


 They also performed the classic hits from their first album from a couple of years ago, including Homesick, Kathleen, and ending on Tyrants, with a slight psyechedelic element to their sound at times. The band also gave us some crazy guitar solos and instrumental pieces throughout the night. Tyrants, the last track on their debut album, ended the night on a huge high, leaving the audience only wanting more.


The band also showcased some new songs such as ‘7’, and it’s encouraging to see their new materials from their upcoming album later this month is just as quality as their other music!


It’s cool to see so much British music reach across the globe, and I’m super excited indie-rock music is again on the rise everywhere I go!