REVIEW: Zane Carney - Los Angeles


Zane Carney, one of the USA’s fastest rising musicians. You think you’ve never seen him before, but you actually have, as he has been parading around the industry as ‘John Mayer’s guitarist’ the past few years. However now this gem has his own solo project going, and we have a chance to catch his vocals too and hear his songwriting masterpeices, in his finerless gloves and cool feathered hat.

Stepping outside his residency at The Hotel Café, Carney presented us with a headline show at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre. This show was more than just a gig though, but had an element of theatre in it, with quite a detailed set behind Carney on the stage, and the night itself starting with Carney reading a book on the staged sofa.


Carney’s sister Paris came out to join him on stage for a few of the songs, my favourite of theirs together being ‘I Wanna Have Faith Again.’ Both of them are such brilliant singers, and I always love seeing siblings perform together!


Having said that, Carney’s guitar playing was definitely my favourite. His guitar solos were some of the best parts in the gig.