REVIEW: Years & Years - Los Angeles


Years & Years, London based trio, after a long ride supporting Ellie Goulding around the States, hit Los Angeles for their own headline show, touring their debut album ‘Communion.’


I really did feel like I was in a club for this, which is the vibe I think this electronica group go for. Between the mad strobe lighting and the nature of the production of the songs, it was a night where the whole audience were dancing madly.


There were also points of course where the group showcased the more musical side of them, Olly taking to the piano, ‘Eyes Shut’ being the classic acoustic-y song of theirs. Lead singer Olly is one of the most amazing performers, whether it be in this piano-vocal setting or the mad club dancing. The last time I saw him he was performing Santa Baby at The Roundhouse for Christmas, so it was pretty interested to see him in his club-like electronica show in LA.


Highlights of the night for me were ‘Desire’ and closing song ‘Kings,’ both songs made with the purpose of sending a crowd wild, which is exactly what they did, and their new song ‘See Me Now’ which was amazing to see as it was one of the first times live! The group also performed the classic cover of ‘Hotling Bling’ that pretty much every artist does these days… but they pulled it off in a pretty cool way, mashing it up with Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ – bit of a twist!


 It was overall just a really sexy night, with some mad music. So sexy I haven't even had to use filters on my pictures, the colours themselves were so vibrant. It’s rare to find electronic music so deeply based in such musical style, which means I LOVE this band!