Sofar Sounds: Philadelphia 28/05


We hit Sofar Philly today, for my final Sofar in USA this round! The first time I’ve ever been to a Sofar gig, this outdoor one in someone’s back garden was a great insight in to Philadelphia’s emerging music scene (and some free beer from Miller’s!)


A native of Philadelphia, Nathan Allebach opened the night. This singer songwriter had some really folky tunes with a rough edge giving him a touch of rock in there too, and performing duets on stage too, his favourite one of mine being ‘Does Love Really Win?’


Radical Face took to the stage next. Another singer songwriter, but rather different to Nathan. Being from country focused Jacksonville, Florida, he had a whole new approach to his music than what a normal metropolitan city based singer songwriter would write. Rather quiet, the audience really had to focus in to listen – but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the whole point of Sofar is to give undivided attention to the artists! The topics that he sang about were also very different to the usual singer songwriter, rather blunt at times – for example, the song about a kid riding home after he got shot, and ‘Sisters’ was my favourite.


Carroll finished up the night. A indie band doing an smaller set up, once again native to Philly, the band had some pretty cool tunes, with a full band set up rare for Sofar. With a touch of pop in this rock band, all members enganging their musicality to the extent those Carroll were is a kind of band chemistry that made the music automatically special!


It was great to see music from all around the US come together for this afternoon of live music in Philadelphia! Shoutout to my fave Carolyn for organising it!