Son Lux @ Exit/In | Nashville


Exit/In, supposedly one of the hippest new music venues in Nashville, certainly proved itself to be the perfect place for touring artists. Not knowing extensively about the local music scene here, I chose my gigs abroad based on venue, trusting they would provide the best music. You don't get your usual community focused, country musicians with acoustic guitars here, but rather more a Los Angeles vibe. 


I saw band 'Son Lux' - an electronic trio presenting rather eerie but intriguing vibes. Possibly the most un-Nashville thing I've seen ever, I mean I kept thinking I was in LA or NYC during this one. But of course, artists tour, and they did pretty brilliantly holding a crowd who otherwise may not be accustomed to this kind of music - also their first time in Nashville. 


Particular songs of theirs stuck in my mind - their opening song 'Change Is Everything' I found particularly weird (good weird- don't worry, I loved these guys!) It was ambient and dark and mysterious and made for a set where you couldn't take your eyes off of them, it was such entrancing music. 


Xenia Rubinos opened the night with a slightly less ambient but incredibly lively opening set, also electric based. She joined Son Lux on stage for a few songs too, namely 'This Time,' which I always love to see at gigs, with all different levels of artists connecting. Son Lux even said it is so rare to be inspired by the band they are on the road with, so Rubinos was special to them too! 


The end of Son Lux's set was outstanding, my favourite songs being 'Stay' and 'Rising,' just because of their subject matters and lyrics along with the brilliant music and lights that accompanied. 


It was really a huge pleasant surprise to see these guys amongst the intense level of country music in Nashville, and they don't lie when they say Exit/In is one of the best new clubs!