Bluebird Cafe, In The Round | Nashville


The Bluebird Café –Nashville’s little secret venue in disguise!


In The Round is a series of songwriters circles, where Nashville songwriters, big and small, come out and play their songs, songs they’ve written either for themselves or for other musicians, in a circle to a packed out café sitting all around them.


They do these a few nights a week, an early show and a late show, and has been a Nashville tradition for years.  I went to last Tuesday’s early show, with Mason Douglas, Heidi Raye, Scott Stepakoff, and Jacob Davis. They each went around the circle and took it in turns playing one song at a time. It had an amazing community vibe, between all four musicians, but also with the audience.


Heidi Raye was my favourite. Honouring her Grandmother who has passed away just the night before, her performances were really emotional, and all dedicated to her Grandmother, even the one all about stupid boys! She’s originally Canadian, and it was great to see a Nashville migrate take over the country music scene!


The concept was pretty interesting. The night was to raise money for the Miller Harris Foundation, a charity for asthmatic children, so included was an auction for a poster which went all the way up to a few hundred bucks. But for me, the music was really what it was all about.