REVIEW: St Lucia @ The Dome


From South Africa via Brooklyn, Jean-Phillip Grobler brings St. Lucia to London for an intense and intimate performance in Tufnell Park’s 600 capacity The Dome. Despite the venue being somewhat reminiscent of a school assembly, the room was transformed when Jean Grober walked on stage.


The set started with the track ‘Rescue me’ from St Lucia’s latest album ‘Matter’ and established a high-energy atmosphere that continued throughout; their lively, 80’s- influenced synth pop ensured that everybody in the room was dancing right from the start.


Grobler was charismatic and charming, but kept small talk between songs to a minimum, keeping up the pace of the show, which is always works in an artist’s favour for me.  The overall performance of the band was equally as lively and entertaining, and it is hard not to mention the enviably cool energy between Grober and his wife/fellow band mate Patti.


The undeniable highlight of the show was the track ‘Help Me Run Away’. Under normal circumstances, I would object to the cheesy call and response structure of this song, but at this show (and no doubt at others), it worked fantastically. The fusion of audience and band in this section created an intense atmosphere only achievable in a small venue, that somehow simultaneously gave the energy as if a crowd of 10,000.


Though the performance occasionally struggled with sub-standard live sound, which sometimes made it hard for the vocals to compete with the dynamic accompaniment, it thankfully didn’t take much away from the overall performance, still making for an unforgettable evening.


St Lucia’s tour will continue in the UK, then progress to the United States, continuing to spread positivity and infectious music across the world.