New Artist of the Week | Zibra


You might have heard them on a Made In Chelsea sync, and you were probably wondering which awesome song that was – introducing Zibra! Their song ‘Wasted Days’ is my latest obsession,  bringing back the old-fashioned pop sound combining it what that very contemporary indie-rock sound that’s taking over the music scene right now. This combo makes for a very interesting listen and a rather stylish band.


I always love to see such huge sound come from just a trio – vocals, guitars, drums, keys, synths, and all that. The synths actually give it an even more of that old-fashioned style, particularly their latest EP sounding slightly 80s disco, yet keep it progressive psychedelic rock.


They haven’t played much this year because they’ve been focusing on recording their crazy Eps, which you’re definitely missing out on if you don’t listen in, but check out their latest ‘EP2000’!