REVIEW: Beach Slang @ The Troubadour, LA


So after being told to hit Los Angeles’ The Troubadour by about 20 LA-ers (is that what you call them?), I decided to head down to this legendary historic venue in the City of Angels, ending up at the rockiest gig I’ve ever been to. Usually I’m accustomed to indie or alternative rock, but Beach Slang’s music was just hardcore punk rock, but with a youthful energy.


This fairly new to the scene band Beach Slang have some of the head-bangiest songs, crazy personalities, and a loyal community of fans behind them, so much that lead singer James felt a desire to write a book of best heckles, including “Beach Slang 2.0,” and came down to hug one audience member at one point.


But aside from the incredibly warm and friendly yet slightly comedic act that accompanied the music, though I haven’t had much experience in the realm of heavy rock and mosh pits, I have to say these guys still impressed me.


They also previewed a couple of songs from their upcoming album to be released in September this year, the one I remember being ‘Atom Bomb’ which was quite impressive actually, and I felt a touch of that punk pop coming through in this one too.


The opening acts were also pretty memorable – ‘Dyke Drama’ – I think the first time I’ve seen a frontman genuinely try to get drunk on stage, but their drummer must have been one of the best I’ve ever seen live. ‘California’ opened the night, who were your classic rock band.


I loved trio ‘Potty Mouth’ – the name is fairly curious, but the music was great to listen to. Three girls giving us a full out rock gig, and playing the coolest guitar slides I’ve ever seen, doing things with the instrument I didn’t even realise possible!


I’m generally quite glad I was thrown into this rock night in one of LA’s most iconic venues. I feel if there’s anyway to get a proper chance to rock, this was the place, and Beach Slang the band!