BMI Acoustic Lounge | Los Angeles


BMI Acoustic Lounge is first Monday of every month in Los Angeles, this month held in Genghis Cohen – a venue at the back of the Chinese restaurant.


BMI showcases the best new artists in the LA area they can find in this cute setting, all the artists sitting in a row on the stage and taking turns to perform a song. This month saw Danny Aldridge (aka Feelds), Elline, and Alicastro.


Feelds is a singer-songwriter who was playing keys and singing, most notably his song about Amsterdam, which had a great tune and clever lyrics ‘Damn I’m feeling so Amsterdam.’ Elline was mainly a singer, and had a guitarist with her, presenting us with her super sweet vocals and stories and influences behind her music. Alicastro was the third artist, who was a Columbian artist giving us a taste of his Spanish songs. It was cool when he tried to sing parts in English, and more of us could understand, but I loved how he performed them with such joy, ending on a note about being ‘poor but happy’!


This was just an acoustic version of these artists, but I’m sure they’ve got a lot more in stock when their full band and production set ups, particularly Feelds and Elline who seem to have a more electronica RnB sort of influence behind them too!